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Last Summer Lookbook

Last Summer Lookbook

This season, we dropped the "Last Summer" collection: A range of products inspired by the elements of summer and 90's nostalgia. The "Last Summer" name is a double entendre, a nod to the concept of the brand and a reference to summers of the past.

When it came time to shoot a lookbook for this collection, we had the perfect place in mind: A grassy lot used as a junkyard for Miami Dade public transit that we came across randomly awhile back. See, this lot was perfect for "The End" because the entire place has a post-apocalyptic vibe to it. The old buses and metro-mover cars have been gutted out and left here for years, with vibrant colored graffiti now covering most of the exteriors. 

We had the spot, so next we hit up one of our favorite up and coming Miami-based artists, Native Youth to model the looks, and our homie @ThatsCrispi to shoot it. Native Youth is someone we've been jamming to recently and she also had the perfect look for this shoot, so it worked out perfectly. Combine that with a genius shooter like Crispi and a little creative direction from us and well, you can see the result for yourself. Check out the "Last Summer" lookbook and shop the collection now.


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